Concentrate KODAK KODACOLOR Pre-treatment Dark 1000ML

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Pre-treatment Solution for dark fabrics KODAK KODACOLOR Dark CONCENTRATE  helps white ink to adhere to the t-shirt.

Pre-treatment is concentrate and  need to be mixed with  3-4 parts of de-mineralized or de-ionised water.



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A unique formula that allows good density white stopping power without a rubbery residue. This dark shirt formula is very low staining and excellent at flattening fibres when cured wth a heat press.

Good durability in the wash is acheived when used with Kodak inks and others. Cure prints for your normal time, when using Kodak inks this is 45 seconds at 165c for most fabrics.

To achieve the best quality of printing it is important to correctly coat the material with pre-treatment.

Pre-treatment need to be mixed with 3-4 parts of  de-mineralized or de-ionised water.

- Exceptional transparency of the white ink on dark cotton fabric

- Decreases the amount of defects during printing.

- Prints are less prone to fading due to the exposure to the UV rays. 



KODAK Dark PT Safety Data Sheet

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